Round Up: The First Edition

In case you couldn’t tell, the photo in that title banner is a super cool looking library. When I win the lottery* I plan to build a mansion modeled off of it.

(author’s note: I know I probably won’t win the lottery. Please let me dream.)

I like reading more than I like writing. Thanks to the wonders of the internet I get to sneak reading into most of the nooks and corners of my day. Thank you, cell phone. When I’m not reading about Harry Potter I like find articles about books or mental health or kittens. Because I am a  generous soul and I genuinely want to know what others think, I’ll be sharing them in these nifty Friday morning Round Up posts.

So, in case you missed it…

  • MuggleNet scans Hogwarts alumni for signs of mental illness. I don’t know how I feel about diagnosing fictional characters but I do know how I feel about Harry Potter (spoiler: I love Harry Potter).
  • reviews research that say ethnicity may affect rates of mental illness diagnoses. My favorite thing about academic research is the opportunity to be paid for proving things that are already glaringly obvious.
  • Psychology Today breaks down the stigma for black women experiencing postpartum depression. I’m not making any jokes about this one. Check out a supportive article on a difficult topic.
  • A New York teacher was disciplined for ordering his students some more affordable books instead of requiring them to buy it themselves. As a New York teacher myself, I can attest that it is particularly rough on your mental health and your wallet.
  • InQuire recommends eight books to read about mental health. In related news, I have recently added eight books to my TBR list.
  • The Parent Herald takes a good look at the Reading Agency Campaign, which recommends prescribing books to teens with mental health struggles. Please tell me what books you would prescribe to someone with depression. I am dying to know and maybe write a prescription list blog post.
  • Happy Belated Birthday, Malcolm X. There’s a pretty cool novel called X that was co-written by Malcom X’s daughter. Everyone should probably read immediately. It’s got 3.9 stars on Goodreads.

I hope everyone has a happy and healthy Friday. As I am a sick sicky sickface, I will be home, reading Agatha Christie and hacking onto my father’s Amazon account to create a book WishList. (I’ll be calling it “BUY DULCE SOME NEW BOOKS”) (I’ve never been one for subtlety.)


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