the purpose


The Mental Illness Book Club is, quite honestly, a book obsession running rampant through the internet.

Part literary analysis, part semi-desperate search for understanding, the Mental Illness Book Club aims to explore mental health as it has been recorded throughout literature. Reading materials include graphic novels, great classics, kid’s books, non-fiction, new fiction, and whatever else that can be afforded on a teacher’s salary. I apologize for in advance for any stupid jokes, unintentional puns, or emotional rambling. I do not apologize for the Harry Potter references or Batman worship.

Three post categories dominate this website, all modeled after the wonderful world of traditional literary research. The first, the Lit Review, peeks at the current conversation on mental illness and literary things (expect blog links. Many, many blog links). The second, Breaking Down Books, is the part where we actually talk about psychopathic gingerbread men and alcoholic house elves. The third, Need Help?, is for the sad folk among us who might need a push towards real-life resources.

Click the follow button down below and join the club. Maybe someday we’ll get jackets.


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